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We're Not Your Average Business Consultants

We Are Your Small Business Partner. We Understand First Hand The Demands of Starting and Growing a Small Business.At Elliot Uriah, our team consists entirely of individuals who have gained firsthand knowledge and experience in the realm of small business. We are comprised of consultants who have personally founded, expanded, and eventually sold their own small to medium sized businesses. Our team shares a common entrepreneurial spirit that drives us forward, and a deep understanding of the obstacles and challenges that come with being a small business owner.

We started Elliot Uriah with the intention of providing support and guidance to fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that we ourselves encountered during our journeys. Our consultants are equipped to work closely with you, offering personalized attention and insight into your unique needs. We are committed to guiding you through every step of the path towards success and profitability.

“ At Elliot Uriah our reputation speaks for itself, as we have a proven track record of turning around entire businesses with just a free 30-minute call ”

We Offer Innovative Solutions

We help companies overcome the frustration of unreliable legacy systems and workflows and put reliable data in the hands of decision makers.

“Drawing on our wealth of experience in starting small businesses with limited resources and growing them into multimillion-dollar enterprises, we are well-equipped to guide you through every step of the startup and growth journey. ”

Our Process And People Are What Se Us Apart


At the core of our approach is problem-solving. Rather than jumping straight into coding or creating content, we begin by asking the right questions. Our goal is to uncover the underlying issues that are causing challenges and process failures within your business. Through careful investigation, we identify the root causes so that we can effectively address them and help you achieve your goals.


Our solutions are designed to break down operational silos and promote collaboration. We have a keen eye for identifying patterns and streamlining processes to improve efficiency. Our approach prioritizes what's truly important, ensuring that our designs are optimized to meet your business needs. We understand the importance of visual and relational understanding, and we design with this in mind to ensure our solutions are intuitive and easy to use.


Our approach to solution development is rooted in our experience, the latest technology and innovative strategies. We strive to create bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs, with the ultimate goal of providing reliable and easily understandable data to decision-makers. With our cutting-edge technology and expert knowledge, we ensure that the data you receive is accurate, actionable, and empowers informed decision-making.


At the heart of our approach is the integration of custom technology solutions that are designed to be flexible, non-invasive, and easy to comprehend. Our top priority is to deliver the information you need in a timely manner, ensuring that you have the insights required to make informed decisions. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and processes, allowing for a smooth implementation and minimal disruption to your operations.

“Our proven track record of success means that we understand the challenges you are likely to face and can offer expert advice and support to help you overcome them. ”

Our Executive Team

Martin Flores

As an innovative self-starter, I have a passion for creative problem-solving focused on delivering great client experiences. Over the years, I’ve been intentional about increasing my abilities to solve complex problems by taking on new challenges and developing a consistent approach that starts with taking the time to listen and understand the needs of my customers, then building the right strategy to deliver positive outcomes, and finally holding myself accountable to drive incredible results.  

Tyler Copenhaver-Heath


Tyler Uriah Copenhaver-Heath is a successful entrepreneur who is committed to improving the lives of others. He has taken the hard lessons he learned while growing up and transformed them into the discipline and passion needed to earn a biochemistry degree and an MBA. He has built a multi-million dollar company from scratch, while learning from his multiple business endeavors and life experiences.

Elliot Hutchens


Elliot Hutchens, Co-Founder, and Partner at Elliot Uriah, brings over 20 years of business experience in fast-growing companies to his role as a technical engineer and consultant. With seven successful entrepreneurial ventures under his belt, Elliot is a seasoned leader who has a wealth of expertise in business management, marketing, accounting, technical operations, and strategy.

Corree Sinkwitz


Corree Sinkwitz, Partner at Elliot Uriah, transitioned from the corporate world to a successful entrepreneur. With over 25 years of vast business experience, she possesses a profound and intricate comprehension of strategy and operations, providing a unique vantage point for tackling business challenges. Corree is renowned for her proactive problem-solving methodology and her unwavering devotion to achieving top-tier results. Centering her approach to fostering robust client relationships, establishing influential partnerships, and propelling value creation, she adeptly navigates businesses on their journey to successfully achieve their desired goals and objectives.

“Our proven track record of success means that we understand the challenges you are likely to face and can offer expert advice and support to help you overcome them. ”

Our Certifications


Our marketing approach at Elliot Uriah differs greatly from the average marketing company. We’re not just marketers, but also businesspeople who possess a deep expertise in marketing. Rather than solely selling marketing services, we partner with our clients to achieve their business goals.

We take a holistic approach to every client because we recognize that a business is more than just marketing. In the past, many clients came to us thinking their marketing was the problem, but through our collaborative efforts, we quickly identified the true issues that needed to be addressed.

Our primary objective is to ensure that you do not waste a single penny of your budget fixing something that will not contribute to the long-term growth and profitability of your business. Rather than simply fixing one aspect of the business, we strive to fortify the entire foundation, ensuring it is strong, stable, and positioned for sustained growth.

Business Operations

Ignite Your Business Potential with Elliot Uriah’s Holistic Consulting Services!

Ready to revolutionize your business operations? Elliot Uriah offers an all-encompassing solution that takes your success to new heights. We delve into every facet of your enterprise, examining financials, accounting practices, operations, systems, data, sales and customer service, project management, contracts, supply chain, HR compliance, risk management, and marketing.

Unlock the power of financial analysis as we unveil the secrets to your profitability. Our accounting analysis ensures precision and reliability in your financial data. Boost efficiency and integration with our operations analysis. Discover the untapped potential of your systems through our meticulous analysis. Harness the transformative force of data analysis to uncover crucial insights.

Supercharge your sales, customer service, and project management with our tailored analyses. Minimize legal risks and optimize your supply chain. Ensure HR compliance while enhancing employee satisfaction. Leave no stone unturned with our risk analysis. Elevate your marketing efforts with our strategic evaluation and customized plans.

Experience tangible growth as we provide you with actionable insights and transformative solutions. Ignite your business potential with Elliot Uriah’s holistic consulting services today!

“We help companies overcome the frustration of unreliable legacy systems and workflows and put reliable data in the hands of decision makers.”

Business Intelligence

With a team of dedicated professionals, we have now established our credential as a trusted IT support services company. We also realize the importance of building your online presence. To fulfill this endeavor, our experts offer tailor-made website development services. It begins with the designing of your website and giving it a sophisticated structure that can be easily navigated by users. The user-friendly interface allows companies to reach out to a target audience and retain existing customers.


Some Of Our Recent Work

Software Consulting

Enterprises today rely on digital transformation and cutting-edge solutions to transpire business success. If you are looking for innovative ways to attract customers and fulfill diverse requirements, you need a reliable IT solution services provider. We understand our client’s unique needs and strive to fulfill expectations seamlessly. Our result-oriented IT services are designed to suit the strategic requirements of businesses. 

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