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We Offer Comprehensive Software Consulting Services

Elliot Uriah operates with the aim of improving your business’s efficiency as much as possible. Our team ensures that your company gets to use the most advanced and best technologies on a single platform. Being a trusted software development consulting company, we always ensure that we make the best possible recommendations for your business. 

We have dedicated teams for all services provided by us, let it be SEO services, sales and marketing services, public relations services, PPC marketing services, email marketing services, social media management services, marketing consulting services, or software development and consulting services. The experts forming these teams come up with solutions that would meet the specific needs of our clients aptly. To be more precise, our software consultants work to convert all your ideas into reality and increase your ROI. These people make this possible using a range of emerging technologies. 

Contact Us for Custom Software Development Consulting and More

We offer first-rate custom software development consulting services. Our consultation services will ensure that your business can have access to all the latest software that it may need for its growth. Additionally, thanks to our qualified developers, you can also get software solutions customized for your business.

Our services include the following:

Software Launch Consulting: Our experts will assist you to plan new software solutions for simplifying business processes. Additionally, we will also help you to assess the existing solutions and incorporate improvements as per requirement. The software consultants working for us will help you to pick the appropriate tech stack, estimate possible ROI, costs, and time, and improve designs. 

Tech Stack Identification:Are you struggling to find out which technology would work best for your business? Are you too busy to find enough time to explore various technologies and find the best ones for your business? Whichever situation you are in, we will be able to offer you the required guidance. Our team of experts will help you to select the technologies that would take your company to greater heights and give it the market edge you always looked for. 

Software Integration and Enhancement Consulting: Our experts would assist you in augmenting existing software applications and improving their features. They work by assessing various emerging technologies and eventually transform the existing techs by incorporating those emerging technologies. Examples of such techs include AI, cloud computing, IoT, blockchain, etc. Our primary aim is to make solutions more scalable and secure than before. 

Software Compliance Consulting: Our software consulting services also include software compliance consulting. We work with the aim of developing and delivering custom industry-grade software applications that have been created in compliance with regulations and standards. Our experts ensure that the software development process and quality assurance process comply with industry regulations and standards. 

What Do We Do as a Software Development Consulting Company?

API Calls: Hire us to automate information processing using API calls. This will not only save your time but will also make your business more efficient. 

Custom Software Development: Elliot Uriah’s team of software developers can develop customized software matching the specific needs of your company. This will enhance your business’s scalability, profitability, and efficiency. There will also be a significant drop in integration costs. Overall, your business would become more independent. 

Special Offerings: Our services list includes a series of specialties. These include:

  • PowerBI
  • Excel
  • SQL Server 
  • SharePoint 
  • Advanced Excel / VBA
  • Office 365

We offer our software consulting services to businesses of all kinds. You may run a startup, an automotive company, a logistics firm, a manufacturing unit, a travel & hospitality business, a retail and e-commerce store, a tech firm, or a healthcare clinic, we’ll be able to offer you the required assistance.